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Chairwoman of the Board


Tracey Dean

Tracey Dean Financial

(801) 824-2600

Tracey Dean is a licensed Investment Advisor Representative with Innovation Partners and is the founder and president of Tracey Dean Financial, LLC. She is an energetic, hard working, trustworthy partner who works in different facets of the financial services industry.


For years I would casually come to events but never took the Chamber too serious. Then, in 2016 I was asked to join the board. I thought, o.k., as if I don't already have enough happening, but also remembering my business runs on referrals and this could be another good avenue. I then dove right in becoming not just a member, but also a board member.

That's the quick answer, but I just realized that isn't it at all.

I am keenly aware that in my own relationship coming out was a really big deal. To her family, to her kids, to their Catholic community. But, then, I didn't know how much saying the words "I fell in love with a woman" would affect my own mother, but it did. I hadn't realized how my past has affected me from being "in the closet" and lie to those I loved and then struggle to explain to even my closest allies (because at this point I had solely male partners) how much I loved this gal, it wasn't a "phase" and that I fell in love with a person, not a gender.

Now, I come to these events knowing EVERY one of us has a story of why we are here, with this group. I have heard stories from being bullied for not being part of the "church," to being a PART of the "church," to being stuck inside a body that doesn't feel right.

WE ALL have a story, and if you take the time you will find out about the person drinking coffee across from you and their reason for being here. For most of us, being a part of this Chamber is so much different than ANY other group, for that reason. It's special, we are special and inclusive to any person that wants to join us on this crazy journey and maybe pass some business along the way.