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Utah LGBTQ+ Visitors Center

Utah LGBTQ+ Visitors Center LogoThe Utah LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce Announces Plan to Open an LGBTQ+ Visitors Center in Downtown Salt Lake City

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – October 17, 2023 – With the intent of driving LGBTQ+ tourism revenue and promoting local queer and allied businesses, the Utah LGBTQ+ Chamber is pleased to announce plans to open an LGBTQ+ Visitors Center in downtown Salt Lake City by May of 2026.

Modeled on the thriving San Diego LGBTQ+ Visitors Center, the Salt Lake City Center will be developed to engage LGBTQ+ visitors with local businesses and events, and to provide resources to newly relocated LGBTQ+ individuals and those wishing to start or expand their businesses in Utah. The Visitors Center will also host local queer arts and history installations, Chamber and SafeZone Utah events, and provide affordable retail space for Utah-local artists and makers.

As LGBTQ+ travel dollars account for 7%-10% of all U.S. tourism revenue, the Chamber is embarking on this project to connect LGBTQ+ travelers to all that our state and community have to offer and in turn strengthen our local economy.

Small business owner and Chamber Board Secretary, Ed Turner, who relocated to Utah in 2017 after being pleasantly surprised by the livability of our state and vibrance of our local queer community, notes:

“Utah’s LGBTQ+ community has played a major role in the economic growth and development of our state, with Salt Lake City consistently listed as having one of the largest queer communities in the US.

"The Chamber celebrates the state’s major tourism draws, regardless of the season, and our local queer and allied business impact. The Visitor Center will only add to the uniqueness of Utah while supporting the state’s world class vsitor attractions and unique cultural history. The Utah LGBTQ+ chamber wants everyone to visit the country’s best kept secret!”

Chamber leaders along with a community-based advisory committee will study the feasibility of the project and timeline throughout the first half of 2024. Fundraising and planning will extend through 2025 year-end with the goal of opening the visitors center in May of 2026. Those wishing to learn more about the project and/or join the Chamber’s LGBTQ+ Tourism Committee are encouraged to contact Liz
Pitts, Chamber President & CEO.

The Utah LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce works to create long lasting partnerships between key organizations and businesses, ensuring both growth and visibility for LGBTQ+ communities and allies in Utah.